Our Programs

Trauma Support Group

This program helps people to identify, work through and overcome emotional trauma. It also provides a supportive, encouraging, affirming and understanding environment for sharing.


The Bridge to Life

A program for young adults aged 18-25 transitioning into adulthood who have experienced any number of issues which complicate the ability to successfully face the challenging complexities of adult life. This program is ideal for those who have experienced DCFS care, juvenile detention, alternative high schools, or traumatic homes of origin. We specialize in working with sexual abuse and substance use.

Grounded in a unique experience of group therapy, our Bridge to Life aims to help cultivate clients’ innate gifts and equip them with life skills for success.

Major components of the Bridge to Life are our Sounds of Triumph and Hanging In Programs.

Through Sounds of Triumph, Triumph Seminars partners with MuzicNet School of Music to provide instrument and vocal skills lessons at our facility and use these skills in community to foster multi-faceted healing, self-confidence and broadened world views.

Hanging In works similarly, exchanging movies for those young adults whose personal preferences do not include music. Hanging In offers the option of watching movies and using them as a basis for discussing relevant life issues.

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