Your much needed contribution helps us to continue to serve families suffering from the affects of substance use, sexual abuse and domestic violence. We provide counseling services free of charge to men, women and youth, as we are partially funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Contributions from people like you help to keep our doors open and services reaching those in need.

Friends like you help us to be a consistent presence, a stable resource that clients can count on time and again, whenever they need us. Lives are touched, homes are stabilized and families are restored because you and others put your care into action.
Our clients consistently state that our programs encourage and provide them with much needed help and hope. Your contribution helps to keep our services accessible to those who need them most. Your dollars help to give a child’s mother back, a child’s daddy, someone’s husband or wife, a parent’s child. Your dollars help us change lives, restore families, launch destinies, transform communities.