Triumph Seminars is a nonresidential agency which serves to help people recover from the effects of sexual abuse, substance use disorders and other life traumas.  It is our goal to help people to live the lives they want to live, not the lives that happened to them.  We accomplish this through counseling, education and support services for the healing, recovery and life advancement of individuals, family members and loved ones.  We also provide training in trauma-informed care for recovery home directors, house managers, case workers, supervisors and other leaders who serve this population.

Life Recovery Specialists

Recovery Support Services

We offer strength and encouragement to those who are ready to change their lives. Our well-rounded programs are designed to help you maintain your recovery plan and reduce the incidence of relapse to alcoholism and substance abuse.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Our unique programs for male and female survivors creatively offer comfort, strength and peace through a courageous, affirming, and actually enjoyable journey toward healing, wholeness, and total life recovery.

Training for Service Providers

Workshops which equip providers in their delivery of service through trauma-informed techniques. This program is also a resource of care for the caregiver, giving support and encouragement to recovery home directors, managers, supervisors and other leaders in the helping professions.

Let us help you live the life you want to live, not the life that happened to you.

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Provider Training

Life Lines Support Group

Recovery Coaching

Trauma Support Group

The Rock Club Men's Group

Reunification with Children

The School of Skillful Life

Living Hope

Bridge to Life