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Autolieography Trauma Support Group and Individual Counseling

Helps women identify, work through and overcome issues of emotional trauma. Provides a supportive, encouraging, affirming, and understanding environment of sharing which enables participants to face and begin to recover from trauma.

Recovery Coaching

Peer support through testimonials and other related activities to help individuals maintain their recovery plan. Group discussions, spiritual encouragement, self-esteem building, coping mechanisms, facing individual fears, and other issues which help the recovery process. We have separate groups for males and females.

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Training for Reunification with Children

An in depth training which leads individuals in recovery through the often long and difficult processes of re-establishing relationships with the children from whom they have been estranged due to addiction.

Life Lines

A support group providing much needed encouragement and strength to family members and loved ones of those in recovery or of those who are still active in addictions.

Living Hope

A support group for families whose loved ones have died in recovery, addiction or abuse. The group inspires, encourages and focuses on the living things that remain.

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The School of Skillful Life

Enables life skills building and assists with community reintegration. This program offers classes of career coaching, nutrition and wellness, financial management, life planning, time management, organizing, fitness, all of which help participants on their journey toward life recovery. The program helps participants to create a positive self-image by fostering self-confidence, independence, personal responsibility, integrity, self-care, and self-esteem building.

Bridge to Life

A program for 18-21 year olds who have been sexually abused and/or who use alcohol/substances. The program is ideal for those who have been in DCFS custody, foster care, incarceration, and/or alternative high schools. The program aims to equip young adults with skills for successful adult life responsibilities.

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Provider Training

Workshops which equip providers in their delivery of service through trauma-informed techniques. This program is also a resource of care for the caregiver, giving support and encouragement to directors, managers, supervisors and other leaders in the helping professions.

Men's and Women's Rebuilding Life Groups

Support groups designed for survivors of sexual abuse/assault; recovering what was lost while moving forward toward untapped potential; affirming positive qualities while working through areas needing further development.

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