Triumph Seminars offers a wide range of services and a staff of people with different specializations so that we may provide multifaceted healing and recovery for both male and female clients, ages 18 and over. My personal specialty is walking people through the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and assault.
I designed a program called Autolieography, which sounds like the word autobiography, and is similar in that it is a story of our lives; yet differs in that it is a story which details the horrible effects that we often endure after traumatic experiences early in life. The lie in Autolieography speaks of behaviors we have adopted and identities we have assumed in response to trauma. The groups are designed to help participants face personal trauma, give courage and support to walk through unpleasant experiences, and give the freedom to explore, discover, and take steps to become the persons we really want to be. Through the program, we encourage participants to live the life you want to live, not the life that happened to you.
I practice the social work principle of “unconditional positive regard” for group members. Group members are allowed and encouraged to express themselves freely and unapologetically without harming other members. Group members are further encouraged to define themselves as they envision themselves, being given the right to reject the ways other people and situations have defined them heretofore. The group members are typically in other programs to help with drug and alcohol addictions. We don’t deal directly with addictions in this group; our focus is on discovering the self.

Dr. Audrea F. Nanabray

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